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Hematuria factors

Some people usually urinate when there will be hematuria, we know what is the cause of urine bleeding, why would such a situation, in fact, hematuria this disease must cause everyone's attention, there are many factors will produce hematuria, the following Give you a good understanding of the cause of some hematuria.

Hematuria causes

Hematuria 95% or more is due to urinary system itself caused by the disease, including glomerular disease, renal cysts, stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract infections and tumors are the most common. Other diseases such as coagulation abnormalities, systemic diseases can also cause hematuria. Urine blood is hematuria, also known as blood.

Under normal circumstances, there is no red blood cells in the urine. Medicine on the patient after the centrifugal precipitation of urine, with a microscope to check, if each high-power field of more than five red blood cells, called hematuria. If only in the microscope to detect red blood cells, and the eyes can not see the blood of urine, called microscopic hematuria; if the eyes can see the urine was "wash meat sample" or with blood, and even bloodshot eyes or blood clots , Called gross hematuria. So hematuria can not be found by the eyes. With the eyes can see the urine of blood, about 1000 ml of urine mixed with at least 1 ml of blood, which shows more severe hematuria, should quickly identify the reasons for active treatment.

The cause of hematuria

Hematuria is often caused by the disease of the urinary organs. People's urine is generated in the kidney, after the renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, urethra excreted, all of these organs with a disease, bleeding, can cause hematuria.

Common causes of hematuria are a variety of nephritis, urinary tract infections, hemorrhagic cystitis, urinary stones, kidney tuberculosis, kidney tumors, kidney and urethral injury and so on. Hematuria is one of the main symptoms of these diseases.

Hematuria factors

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