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Is bubble in the urine kidney disease?

We know that normal fresh urine is transparent, amber liquid, with the amount of urine, the color has deep light. But why is there  bubble in the urine?

Experts point out that if the following circumstances, then the increase in urine foam does not belong to the lesion:

Urethra in the presence of semen composition: male if the presence of seminal components in the urethra can cause foam urine. Such as retrograde ejaculation (common in patients with diabetes accompanied by autonomic dysfunction); frequent excitement of the urethral gland secretion of mucus increased, after spermatorrhea and so on.

Urination Urgently: Urination Urine Urine strong impact of the liquid surface, air and urine mixed together, easy to form a bubble, but easier to dissipate. In addition, when standing too high urination, under the action of gravity, the impact of urine on the liquid surface is also large, but also easy to form a bubble.

Urine concentration: too little water in drinking, sweating too much, diarrhea, etc., the human body due to lack of water caused by urine concentration, resulting in urine protein and other components of the higher concentration, easy to form increased urine foam.

Other reasons: disinfectants or detergents in the urinals are also one of the reasons for the formation of foam in the urine.

Occasional foam urine, mostly physiological, most can find the cause of foam urine incentives, such as urination urgency, urine concentration and so on. If you remove the above-mentioned incentives after the bubble urine disappeared, and not accompanied by other abnormal symptoms or diseases, then do not worry too much.

On the contrary, if the urine bubble is caused by the following reasons, you need to be vigilant, timely treatment.

Proteinuria: Abnormal protein content in the urine is one of the most common causes of foam urine, but also an important clinical manifestation of various diseases, especially kidney disease. All kinds of primary kidney disease, such as various types of primary glomerulonephritis and all kinds of secondary kidney damage, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, hepatitis, etc., can lead to kidney damage, urine protein The And multiple myeloma, acute intravascular hemolysis, leukemia, etc., although the normal renal function, but the blood appears a lot of abnormal protein, urine protein leakage, the formation of proteinuria.

Proteinuria will generally appear foam urine, this foam is characterized by urine surface floating a thin layer of foam, long gone.

Urinary system infection: urinary tract infection can cause increased urine foam. Common, including urinary tract infection, cystitis, prostatitis, etc., mostly accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms.

Increased urinary sugar: organic matter in the urine (glucose) and inorganic substances (various mineral salts), but also can increase the urine tension and bubble, but the bubble is generally larger, and soon disappeared. Diabetic patients due to elevated blood sugar, secondary urine sugar increased, prone to foam urine.

Other rare causes: other causes of foam urine also include bladder and colonic fistula, but very rare, need a special check to diagnose.

For the continuous emergence of foam urine, need to carefully identify whether the disease caused. If the exclusion of the above non-pathological factors, the urine still appears more foam, or accompanied by other abnormal symptoms or diseases such as edema, hematuria, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, nocturia increased, high blood pressure, diabetes , You need to go to the kidney medical treatment.

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