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How much does the creatinine require dialysis?

Many patients with kidney disease do not know what stage of disease to dialysis treatment, just tell you today to answer this question!

How much does the creatinine require dialysis?

1. The creatinine in the body is mainly produced by muscle, excreted through the kidneys, creatinine, creatinine and creatinine. It is usually judged by the serum creatinine. The normal value of serum creatinine is 59-134umol / L, when the serum creatinine exceeds the maximum value that is to say the kidney problems, may be the case of renal failure. As kidney failure patients, creatinine reached 451-707umol / L, then you can do dialysis treatment.

2. Renal failure is a partial or complete loss of renal function, early mainly manifested as lack of strength, nor spirit, and no appetite, often vomiting, nausea and other conditions, with the further development of the disease, but also anemia, limb numbness, etc., If later, it will lead to cardiomyopathy, heart failure, so the development of the disease is not our own control, but we can regularly check on their body can play to prevent deterioration of the disease is an effective way.

3. Nephropathy generally occur are relatively slow, nor will it suddenly be aware of, so often people are good, suddenly die, a check is kidney failure, this is not expected. We should usually pay attention to protect yourself, life should be the law, diet should pay attention to, do not eat too much salt, drink plenty of water, exercise more.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, surely we have some understanding of the above common sense it! Only the correct diagnosis, to better treatment. If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, but also can give us a message, tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine kidney disease experts will give you the most professional and effective treatment or advice.

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