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The occult blood in the urine is terrible!

Urine occult blood test is a commonly used indicator of urine routine examination, as more intuitive, families often attach great importance to this indicator, in fact, occult blood test is not the most important for patients with kidney disease, and often inaccurate.

The occult blood in the urine is terrible!

The current urine analyzer uses a dry chemical test strip method, as long as there is a substance that can discolor the test strip in the urine, there is a positive test. Therefore, in addition to red blood cells in the urine can cause discoloration, other components of the urine such as muscle Hemoglobin, hemoglobin can also cause occult blood positive, in addition to the normal human red blood cells continue to destroy, its components are excreted from the urine, so part of normal urine will appear occult positive.

So when your child has a positive occult blood test in urine, please do not panic and should follow these steps:

1. Please pay attention to the results of the microscopic examination in the child ' s urine examination . If there are red blood cells in the microscopic examination and exceed 3 in the high - magnification field of view , it is possible to determine that the child ' s urine has a problem . Please go to the hospital for a doctor who specializes in pediatric kidney . 

Note: Microscopy is not centrifuged in inpidual hospitals, we must check after centrifugation was accurate. In addition, due to the red blood cells will be broken for too long, so the urine test must go to the fresh middle urine prevail, urine retention should not exceed 2 hours.

2. If there is no red blood cells in the microscope, then check the urine again to see if occult blood still exists? If the review of urine occult blood disappeared, then check urine test for some time, without special treatment.

3. In addition, please note that some of the hospital's urine test machine is particularly sensitive, often with the same urine test results on different machines inconsistent. There are some children's urine contains large amounts of vitamin C on the consequences of occult urine will have an impact. The presence of a large amount of vitamin C in urine can competitively inhibit the reaction resulting in false-negative urine occult blood test.

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