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What symptoms do patients often exhibit in patients with ren

Kidney atrophy once occurrence can be accompanied by a lot of diseases at the same time, so for kidney atrophy, we must timely treatment, do not wait until kidney atrophy to other inflammation, before taking measures. This will increase the difficulty of the treatment of renal atrophy, as a kidney disease, what aspects of the symptoms of renal atrophy? Let us recognize some of the common manifestations of renal atrophy.

What symptoms do patients often exhibit in patients with renal atrophy ?

1, renal dystrophy occurs in patients with water metabolism disorders. Because of the decrease of sexual units in patients with sexual atrophy and the increase of the average excretion capacity of each new unit, this causes solute diuretic. In addition, the function of kidney concentration is poor. This will lead to increased nocturnal urine.If there is anorexia, vomiting or acidosis increases the absorption amplitude, respiratory water loss increases, easily dehydration. Therefore , the patients with renal atrophy often have hypodynamia , dry throat and low urine volume .

2, electrolyte imbalance in patients with renal atrophy.

(1), nephrotic patients prone to hyponatremia. Because of the loss of sodium and water in patients with renal atrophy, this leads to a decrease in blood volume. The lack of that element can cause rapid changes in kidney function. Therefore, patients with renal atrophy often feel weakness, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension, muscle convulsions, if the disease will lead to deterioration of renal failure.

(2), patients with renal atrophy will appear low calcium and high phosphorus symptoms. Because renal atrophy decreased urinary output, elevated serum phosphorus, intestinal absorption of calcium decreased, decreased serum calcium. This will lead to hyperparathyroidism, serious threat to the safety of patients.

(3), patients with renal atrophy will appear hypokalemia and hyperkalemia . Anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea and the use of diuretics in patients with renal atrophy can cause hypokalemia. The main clinical manifestations of hypokalemia are limb weakness, bloating, arrhythmia and tendon reflexes and so on. If the patients with renal atrophy lose more potassium blood bank, or severe oliguria, this will lead to hyperkalemia. The main clinical manifestations of hyperkalemia include arrhythmias and even cardiac arrest.

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