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Circle therapy

  Circle therapy,namely make some herbs which have the function of draw out poison from our skin into powder,then paint them on different body part according to different disease one get. The reason do this is that different drugs can draw out different type of toxin that is in our blood through our skin.

  Diagnose which type of disease and ascertain the special position of the circle.

  The first thing we should do is find the reaction position that the renal disease exert on our skin,then use the tailor-made medicine draw circles on there. The circles should be gyrate. The gist of this is meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine.


  Do this one times everyday. Draw five circles at one position. If you are get “cold”disease,the circle should be clockwise;if “hot”disease,should be anticlockwise. After four to eight hours,watch them by warm water.

  The small course of this treatment is seven days and the big one is forty nine days.

  Curative effect.

  If “cold”disease,fever,erythema,heat pain,sweat,tinnitus,better appetite may be the obvious phenomenon.

  If “heat”disease,pale skin,black patches,sweat,sleepy,tinnitus,diarrhea may be the obvious phenomenon.

  Matters need attention.

  1. People who get skin allergy or have sensitive physique should be forbid.

  2. People who have wound on skin should be forbid.

  3. Women who are on pregnant are not suitable for this.

  4. Pay more attention on keeping warm and do not use air-condition in summer.

  5. When doing this,do not continue too long time.

  6. The doctor can use licorice extract or Sheng’digao to be around of the circle to prevent toxin run away.

  This is the brief introduction about circle therapy. If you want to know more knowledge about it,you can talk with our doctor online.

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