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Detailed Instruction for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an advanced natural therapy which is based on Chinese Herbal Medicine. When using this therapy, Herbal ingredients can go through the skin and then go into renal tissues. So this therapy has great effect on restoration of damaged kidney cells and improvement of kidney functions.Micro,means utilize modern science and technology, make the drug power more tiny that is easy to be absorbed. Osmotic,means our unique external application technology.

  Detailed Instruction for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  Required Components for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  Osmoscope, Osmotic medicine, penetrants, electrode plates (2), vessel (1), power (1), heating oven

  Operating steps of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  Step One: Soak the osmostic medicine with penetrant in a vessel (At the beginning, apply one bag of osmostic medicine with one bag of penetrant, then follow the doctor’ instructions for the dosage.)

  Step Two: heat the soaked medicine bag with heating oven evenly until all the medicine is heated thoroughly (heat the medicine bag for 2-4 minutes with microwave oven while at home).

  Step Three: electrotherapy

  Detailed instructions are as follows:

  Put a sanitary cloth sized approximately 50*70cm on bed, in order to avoid contaminating the bed cloth when the medication overflows.

  Wrinkle the sanitary cloth at the middle as “n” shape, the height of which exceeds that of the medicine bags (See figure 2).

  The two electrode plates are put on the sanitary cloth with the plates’ upper edge 5 cm from the sanitary cloth edge and with the wire edges of the two electrode plates slightly far than the opposite ends of the two plates, actually showing “八” shape.

  Put the well-heated medicine bags on the two electrode plates respectively, isolating with sanitary cloth in the middle.

  Press the two medicine bags with your hands to make the surface flat.

  Patients lie down on the two bags, with renal area (approximately the waist part on back) right on the two medicine bags, and lower edges of the two kidneys is 10cm up the two frontal carinas and center of the medicine bags is the two kidneys’ location.

  After lying down, first, connect the osmoscope to the power and choose electrotherapy mode. The specific way is to turn the amperage knob gradually from left to right until you feel comfortable when the body get used to certain amperage, and keep certain amperage, then increase to appropriate amperage according to one’s bearing capacity.

  Time control for electrotherapy. Each period for the osmoscope is expected to last 45 minutes and patients can take 1-2 periods each time according to his feelings (i.e. 45-90 minutes each time). They can take a rest during the process and listen to gentle music to relax themselves.

  When the process is finished, patients can get up after the power is cut off first, then wipe the medication fluid at the renal area gently with a warm wet cloth and get dressed to avoid catching a cold.

  The above-mentioned is a complete osmostic electrotherapy process of Macro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy, which should be taken twice per day. And you can contact experts during the operation when you have problems.

  Advantage of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  1. Restoration of damaged kidneys

  The active substances of Micro-Chinese medicine can improve the micro circulation condition of the damaged kidneys, provide an aerobic repair environment for kidneys and accelerate the repair course of the intrinsic renal cells, thereby, it can improve the internal environment of damaged kidneys, alleviate toxic symptoms.

  Enhancing the immunity of kidney

  Micro-Chinese medicine has immune regulatory function and metabolic function and it can control the development of the disease.

  Repair the function of kidney

  The active materials of Micro-Chinese medicine can activate the functions of the remaining intrinsic renal cells and recover metabolism of them.

  In addition ,the active substances of Micro-Chinese medicine can make the fluid come out of cysts and shrink the cysts effectively and safely and also, it can provide nutrition to the damaged kidneys and accelerate the process of repairing.

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