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Chinese Medicine Bath

Chinese Medicine Bath is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which can help patients discharge toxins. Kidney disease patients not only can enjoy the bath, but also can receive good effects.

Put the decocted medicine into medicated bath fluid then let patients be soaked in the bath fluid. Gradually, the effective elements immerse to striae and channel, then kidneys and finally toxins are discharged by sweat and urine.

Blood circulation improves when patients are exposed to the hot medicine and medicated gas. Medicines of the medicated bath infiltrate to striae and then move to kidneys, finally skin toxins will be discharged from sweat and kidney toxins discharged from urine.

The short-term effects are stable weight loss, immunity incensement, joint pain relief and improvement of sleep and appetite.

Here are notes for patients who need to pay attention to.

1. Patients need to avoid scald, especially for patients with diabetes.

2. Patients with high or low blood pressure, receive the therapy according to personal conditions.

3. Pregnancy women and patients with skin breakage are not allowed to receive this treatment.

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