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Three Kidneys Detoxification Therapy

Three Kidneys Detoxification Therapy

The deification of three kidney detoxification is a little confused because people do not have three kidneys. The term Three Kidneys here mean the three different toxics clean channels. The three channels are biped, our skin and our kidneys. And accordingly there are three kinds of toxins that remains in our body. Normally they are toxin Li, toxin visceral and toxin Fu.

Toxin Fu means the external virus attack like chill, cold, fever, and even environmental pollution. Our innate immune system are easily been attacked by those external toxins. Once they are attacked, the standby immune system will be stimulated to produce antibody which will finally be combined with antigen to form immune complex.

Toxin visceral on the contrary refers to viscera dysfunction that caused by unfavorable living habits. Toxin visceral accumulates in our body when we do not have a healthy lifestyle like unhealthy diet, too much alcohol drinking and defatigation. For your own health, please have a normal healthy living habits.

For some congenital factors like gene or some outer factors to fetus, toxin Fu will deposit in our body which be with us for the whole life.

The mechanism of three kidney detoxification theory is sweeping away toxin Fu by our kidneys, cleaning toxin visceral by biped while eliminate toxin Fu by our skins. The 4Ms treatment, namely Mai-Kai Composition, Medical bath, Micro-Chinese therapy, and Medicine oral taken will assist the treatment of kidney disease.

It is supposed to promote blood circulation of patients to remove meridian obstruction and remove blood stasis disinfection. Besides, it will interdict the process of kidney cysts by preventing the active substances in the diseased tubules cells from releasing. Finally it can achieve the highest efficacy and make the kidney disease out of relapsing.

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