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Five features of Clear Blood Pollution Therapy

According to it’s 30 year’s clinical experience and research,Beijing tongshantang hospital has developed a therapy named clear blood pollution therapy to treat kidney disease. Here are some features of clear blood pollution therapy.

1.Clear treating direction

The emphasis is to remedy the highly-contaminated blood,the direction is to rebuilt the physiological mechanism and hematopoietic system, and the aim is to recover the function of kidney

2.Flexible treating plan

The doctors’ task is to observe the changes in the blood,according to which they change the plan in time.

3. Various treating methods

During the therapeutic process, we use both the blood purification methods and the blood activation methods; both the stasis removing technology and the blood elements regulating technology, both the purification technology and the elements supplementing technology; both the toxin-elimination method and the drug combination, both the Chinese medical technology and the western medical technology.

4. Original creation of brand-new technology

The therapy is significantly characterized in the innovation of drugs combination during the process of blood purification, which has also been proved to be effective in the clinical practice.

5.High recovery rate

During the process of the kidney disease treatment, we do not stress the clinical cure, and the recovery of lesions either,let alone the disappearance of clinical symptoms. Instead,we aim to rebuild the hematopoietic system and blood coagulation mechanism. And this is highly honored as "the real fundamental therapy" by lots of patients.

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