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Traditional Chinese medicine therapy in our hospital, medicated bath

Long for thousands of years, the wisdom of all the children of the Yellow Emperor still shine, traditional Chinese culture is the Chinese traditional culture thick and heavy in colours in a pen. Today to introduce the Chinese medicine therapy is one of the bath.
The bath has a history of several thousand years in Chinese. According to the records of the Zhou Dynasty, the popular sweet soup bath. The so-called fragrant soup, that is, with the traditional Chinese medicine Perrin decoction. The smell is summerheat dampness, both fragrant and beautiful, refreshing cool brain function. From the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, bath as a effective method to cure the disease has been favored by the ancient Chinese.
Our hospital is a kidney specialist hospital, respected is the traditional Chinese medicine, then for patients with renal disease what is the role? Here to introduce you.
Medicinal materials: basically there are more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine configuration, will be based on the patient's physical condition and prescription will be different.
Bath time: General bath time is 30 minutes, the water temperature is pided into two seasons, respectively in summer and winter, summer 38 - 41 C, 40 in winter and 42 C, because the patient's constitution to increase or decrease the bath temperature, It differs from man to man.
The effect of medicated bath: we all know that our body is mainly from the digestive tract, kidney, skin metabolism in several aspects to detox, and our role is to make the bath body toxins in vitro. Mainly through the thermal effect of drug penetration through the skin into the body, it can make the body sweating so as to achieve the role of detoxification, but also can improve our physique, enhance immunity, improve the internal environment of the repair of cells in the kidney, in order to pave the way for further treatment, while Chinese medicine is believed capable of Tonifying Qi and blood, balance of yin and yang.
Matters needing attention:
1 after 1 hours before bathing
2 in the bath before eating within 4 hours, must be ready for other fluids
3 before, during and after the soaking bath should be appropriate to add water
4 soak site should pay attention to ventilation is good, but not cold.
5 after bath skin redness, efficacy and duration of 30 minutes to 1 hours sweating are normal, but be careful not to deliberately blow, so as not to catch cold.
Later, the 6 bubble bath before the skin redness, fever situation has not subsided, do not use any skin care products and cosmetics.
The 7 part of the user (especially the more obese users) after the bath skin slight tingling sensation or small papules, are natural phenomenon of detoxification, can continue to use.
8 weak people will appear during the immersion: dizziness, heartbeat, nausea, and systemic symptoms such as weakness, belongs to the normal phenomenon, with a bath on the physical adjustment will gradually disappear.
9 body empty, by the cold, humid people will appear rubella, eczema, joint pain, accompanied by itching and other symptoms in the bath, gradually disappeared after 2 hours in general, belonging to the improvement of reaction.

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