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Chinese medicine treatment of acute nephritis

Acute nephritis treatment cycle within 3 months, preferably within 1-2 months cured. Should have early detection, early treatment. Chinese medicine is generally treated by diet and drug treatment in two ways. Astragalus a lot of efficacy, can help righteousness, but also eliminate protein, aminotransferase, in addition to the treatment of diabetes, invigorating qi to stop perspiration, deodorant pus and other effects.
Chinese medicine believes that the treatment of nephritis not only to promote water, but also promote blood circulation, blood is  unobstructed then water is unobstructed. Kidney supplement can be used with Polygonum multiflorum, RADIX DIPSACI from Sichuan of China,  the root of bidentate achyranthes can tonify kidney and promote blood circulation, motherwort can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, so that the body water metabolism balance. Therefore, in the benefits of water, kidney prescription, together with blood circulation of drugs, parallel treatment of acute nephritis, chronic nephritis or nephritis syndrome, the effect can be better.
In addition, in the treatment of acute nephritis, chronic nephritis or nephritis syndrome, also often used Zeeland and Guizhi. Ze Lan can activate blood, but also benefit the water, a two-way regulation. General children take Chinese medicine with 15 grams of Zeeland, adults with 30 grams. Guizhi can treat colds, but its function is warm, in the "Treatise on", the cassia is the world's first medicine, not to mention, many diseases are caused by improper treatment of colds, so the treatment of colds is also very important.
In the diet, the carp red bean soup. Practice is: the carp clean, add two red beans, then add onions, ginger, garlic, cooking wine and other seasoning stew cooked. Red red bean can be into the heart, you can supply blood, you can raise heart, carp nutrient-rich, high protein content. In the porridge, we can also add the right amount of Astragalus, Gorgon, barley rice, white fungus, yam, etc, and finally add some sugar, the children are more willing to drink. Gorgon in the south commonly known as chicken head meters, there is the effect of convergence Gujing, you can eliminate urinary protein. Barley rice has dampness, detoxification effect, acute nephritis and skin infections related to the barley rice can treat skin diseases, acne, eczema, dampness and so on. Tremella can lungs. Yam can spleen, fried to eat, steamed to eat, cook to eat, eat soup will do.
The above is the introduction about the treatment of acute nephritis in Chinese medicine, hoping to bring you help. Our hospital treatment of acute nephritis mainly through the "clear detoxification therapy", the use of traditional Chinese medicine excreted from the body of excess toxins. If you still have questions about traditional Chinese medicine or acute nephritis, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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