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You need form the right understanding of fruit

Some of the fruit is sour because of the acid and citric acid in the fruit. Acidic fruit contains acidic substances, and the fruit of the acid in conjunction with gastric acid to stimulate the gastric mucosa, ulcer patients should not eat acidic, but also to avoid the removal of acidic fruit stains. Generally if the immature fruit, acerbity heavy, this case is acidic.
Acid fruit
Grapefruit, orange, pineapple, kiwi, lemon, apple, strawberry, red bayberry, plums taste sour fruits belong to acidic fruits. These acidic fruit contains a lot of fruit acid, it can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help to improve appetite, help digestion, improve nutrition intake. Acid fruits are acidic fruits, the acid content is not easy to oxidative decomposition. This is not easy to be oxidized and decomposed substance called tannic acid, if you eat together with seafood would be solidified, and deposited in the intestine, can cause vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea and the dyspepsia symptoms.
Children can eat acidic fruit?
Children to eat acidic fruits should be moderate, acidic fruit contains tannic acid will have a stimulating effect on the stomach, eat is not recommended for children, as long as the balanced nutrition is good.
Baby to eat fruit, it is generally recommended to eat the best in the morning, this time to eat, you can help your baby digestion and absorption, is conducive to defecation. And the fruit sour and sweet taste, can let the baby feel refreshed all day. Therefore, acid too strong, not too strong astringency of the fruit, is very suitable for breakfast in the.
Benefits of acid fruit
Anti cold
Acidic fruits are rich in VC, the role of anti cold. In addition VC in acidic fruit can also resist scurvy, promote the body's synthesis of collagen, can make the skin smooth and delicate, there are anti-aging effect.
alleviate a hangover
Eat acidic fruits help hangover. This is because the acidic fruit contains rich fruit acid, such as lemon contains citric acid, tartaric acid found in grapes, the fruit is able to react with alcohol in ethanol, the formation of lipid material, alleviate the effect of drunkenness.
With the hangover acidic fruit persimmon, orange, lemon, waxberry. Can give a drunken man drink acidic fruit juice juice, achieve the effects of relieving alcoholism and protecting liver.
Sour fruit
Aggravated ulcer
Orange, lemon, fruit and other acidic fruits because it contains abundant acid and vitamin C, and these acidic substances are not easy to be oxidized and decomposed, the body easily lead to acidic environment. And acidic fruit contains tannic acid, eat together with other food, can make the protein in food after solidification sedimentation in the intestine, aggravation of peptic ulcer disease. Therefore, the banning of ulcer lemon, orange, fruit and other acidic fruits.

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