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How ordinary people prevent uremia?

Uremia, a destruction of countless families, killing countless people's lives and health of the silent killer.
Once suffering from uremia is in addition to kidney dialysis, both not only need to spend a lot of money, but also bring inexhaustible suffering, is not the best choice for patients.
What do we need to do to prevent uremia and keep ourselves away from uremia?:
1, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not eat salty food, refused to drink, quit smoking, do not stay up late to sleep on time.
As the most important human kidney detoxification organ, toxic and harmful substances, the filter body is very delicate, very vulnerable to external factors such as the damage of toxin.
Maintain a good living habits, can effectively reduce the pressure on the kidneys to maintain good health.
2, infection, cough to go to the hospital in time to treat, do not take drugs themselves, do not delay treatment to make the disease worse.
Infection is one of the causes of kidney disease, pharyngitis and other inflammatory infections will lead to kidney disease, which is caused by a cold and the most common cause of kidney disease infection, so be sure to attract attention.
Abuse, excessive use of drugs, it is easy to cause irreversible damage to the kidney, eventually lead to uremia. Recommended to take medicine under the guidance of professional doctors.
3, avoid overwork, to maintain the living environment clean, air circulation
Clean living environment and abundant physical strength, can make our body immunity and disease resistance was maintained at a higher level, effectively resist all kinds of ice invasion. Avoid immune system infection due to decreased immunity.
4, drink plenty of water, not water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy greasy food.
5, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, proper physical exercise, maintain good health;
6, once the back fatigue edema nephrotic symptoms, to go to hospital after the diagnosis, treatment as soon as possible.
Uremia is the ultimate manifestation of the deterioration of all kidney disease to the end of the stage, if the effective treatment of the disease in the general stage of kidney disease, it can be avoided in patients with uremia.
We are just ordinary people, we do not have much money, we have a family to take care of, feed, we prevent uremia.

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